I currently hold SC Security Clearance!

Why was there a five year gap in my portfolio?

I finished a 5+ year contract working under Lockheed Martin to support the upgrade of Computer Based Training (CBT) for the Royal Navy’s Merlin Mk II helicopter. During this contract I modelled and animated 3D systems, and worked closely with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create and maintain instructional 2D graphic material to train the Navy how to maintain and operate this amazing airframe.

This work was undertaken at RNAS Culdrose, a Navy base very close to the most Southerly part of the UK, and due to the military nature of the work I needed SC Security Clearance. Whilst 99% of the work I carried out was unrestricted, it wasn’t created for the general public and as such there is nothing I can really show for the core hours of my day during this contract.

During my time at Culdrose I designed and built a prototype CBT editor and player in AS3. I helped the client modify their CBT tool to incorporate a zoom facility to combat some poor UX decisions that had been built into their player. I rekindled my passion for 3D using the frankly outstanding SoftImage (I’m a massive fan).

Also during this time Flash (as I knew it) died, this was terrible news for me as I am/was an intermediate AS2/3 coder. I had written my own CBT engine for Maersk managers, and several interactive flash websites. I am exploring more current technologies and I am enjoying delving into Unity but I will always have a Flash shaped hole in my coding heart.